Review: Twelve South TimePorter

Now I’ve had several Apple Watches over the last couple of years. But what I haven’t had is a way to organize the accessories. Namely the charger and the two alternate watch bands that I own. In fact, I misplaced one of them lately and it took about two days to find it. Since I figured that enough was enough on that front, I decided to do something about it. So I bought the Twelve South TimePorter:


It looks like an eyeglasses case, but don’t be fooled, It’s actually quite a clever case with a fair amount of versatility. It’s made of leather (vegan friendly leather if that matters to you) You’ll note the black dot in the center of the case. That’s there for a reason:


If you fold it back like I have you can put an Apple Watch charger in it. Thus making the case capable of charging an Apple Watch. You’ll note the cut outs on the left and right sides of the case, you can run the USB connection neatly through them to charge it using a USB charger of some description. Which by the way if you use the Apple supplied one fits just fine in this case.


And if you use the more upscale Apple Watch charger, the chrome that it has adds a bit of bling to the TimePorter.


But the versatility doesn’t end there. If you have a power bank that is thin and long like the one that I am using in the above picture, then it will fit inside the TimePorter making it a portable Apple Watch charger which can top off your Apple Watch with juice should the need arise.


You basically lay the Apple Watch on top of the charger like this and assuming it is plugged into a power source, it will charge. You can even fold it up to a 45 degree angle to use it as a display stand which is a great use case for a hotel room.

There’s one other trick that the TimePorter capable of:


It is capable of storing your Apple Watch bands in one place. That’s personally why I got the TimePorter. But the fact that the TimePorter is so versatile is a total win for Apple Watch owners. It’s $60 CDN or $40 USD and is available from the Twelve South website or from selected retailers. Their website only seems to list black as a color option, but I got this white one at a local retailer. Thus you may want to look around. If you travel and you need a place to stash your accessories and watch bands. Or you want a cool portable charger, the TimePorter is a must get.


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