Review: Dalinch Apple Watch Stainless Steel Mesh Milanese Loop

I have to admit that I like the look of the Milanese Loop on the Apple Watch. There’s one slight problem. Much like other Apple Watch bands that Apple sells, it is insanely expensive at just under $200 CDN. So I looked for a quality alternative and I believe that I found it in the form of the Dalinch Apple Watch Stainless Steel Mesh Milanese Loop which by comparison is only $20 CDN on Amazon:

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Right out of the gate, this looks and feels like the Apple Milanese Loop having seen, touched and worn one in the Apple Store recently. It feels comfortable and looks extremely stylish. The build quality is excellent. I found the magnet that holds it on your wrist is very strong and I never am worried about it falling off. It also aligns perfectly with the rest of  the band which shows that they put some effort into making this a quality product.

Bottom line: If you want a Milanese Loop on your Apple Watch without paying Apple’s outrageous prices, the Dalinch Apple Watch Stainless Steel Mesh Milanese Loop is the way to go. They come in sizes that fit every Apple Watch from the original one to the brand new Series 4. It will be the best $20 CDN that you’ll spend.

UPDATE: This band seems not to available on Amazon anymore.


2 Responses to “Review: Dalinch Apple Watch Stainless Steel Mesh Milanese Loop”

  1. Richard Pearce Says:

    If you’re buying an Apple Watch, I suggest you buy the cheapest strap that it comes with.
    Amazon has an amazing selection of straps that, in some cases, are superior to the highly priced straps sold by Apple. (not that I begrudge them their $$, as I love the products, but I mix and match straps almost daily this way!)

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