BREAKING: Facebook Pwned… 50 Million Accounts Affected…. Time To Join Team #DeleteFacebook If You Haven’t Already

Facebook’s issues have just got a whole lot worse with the announcement that its engineering team on Tuesday discovered that hackers exploited a vulnerability in their code to allow them to steal Facebook access tokens for almost 50 million accounts.

Trivial this is not.

The specific vulnerability is in the “View As” code, which is a feature designed to let people see what their profile looks like to someone else. This functionality has been patched and disabled for the time being. It is not clear whether the accounts affected were misused or have had information accessed at this time and Facebook does not know who executed the attacks. Which means that there are a whole lot of unanswered questions.

Facebook is “sorry this happened” and that people’s privacy and security “is incredibly important.” They say that no one needs to change their passwords, but I would do so anyway… Assuming you trust these guys to protect your personal info. Because I sure don’t and neither should you. Which means the number of people on Team #DeleteFacebook is about to grow by leaps and bounds.


One Response to “BREAKING: Facebook Pwned… 50 Million Accounts Affected…. Time To Join Team #DeleteFacebook If You Haven’t Already”

  1. […] weeks ago the news hit that Facebook had been pwned (again) by hackers. Today we have good idea of what they accessed. […]

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