Loblaws Rolling Out Two Step Verification To (Hopefully) Put An End To Their Pwnage Problem With PC Optimum Rewards

I’ve written numerous times about the #EpicFail that is the PC Optimum rewards program which has been pwned repeatedly by hackers and as a result costs their customers their rewards points. And in turn it negatively affects the reputation of Loblaws who owns this rewards program. But it finally seems that Loblaws is doing something about it. A recent app update tipped me off to their plans:


Well I tested this out by enabling it on my phone. It then sent a code to my email which I then promptly typed into my phone and I was allowed to log in. I then tried to log in via my computer and after initially popping up a message saying “our apologies an unknown error has occurred”, I tried again and it sent a code to my email which I then promptly typed into my computer and I was allowed to log in. Of interest, it had the option to make my computer a “trusted device”. I didn’t choose that option as I want the security that this feature offers. Oddly enough, my phone did not offer this same option. I can only assume that a phone is a “trusted device” by default which from a computer security standpoint has risks as if you leave yourself logged into the PC Optimum app, anyone with physical access to the phone can drain your points. The flip side to that is that this is likely a connivence thing to speed up access to the app on your phone.

Given the fact that up until now Loblaws hasn’t been able to adequately protect their customers from being pwned by hackers, this is big improvement. So I applaud them for doing something, even if it took way too long to actually do something. You can find out how to enable this new security feature here and I strongly suggest that you do so ASAP.



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