Tech Impact Launches Nonprofit Information Security Division

Tech Impact, a 501(c)(3) provider of nonprofit technology solutions and the operator of award-winning IT training programs for under-served youth, announced today the launch of its nonprofit information security division. The newly formed security division will continue to offer Tech Impact’s legacy security services, but adds a specialized team of security experts who are laser-focused on creating appropriately scaled and customized solutions to address cyber threats.

The division was created in response to the changing needs of nonprofits. Nonprofits have become appealing targets for cyber attacks because the criminal world assumes that they don’t have the resources to hire security teams, have an aging technology infrastructure that is easy to penetrate and are more susceptible to phishing scams. Additionally, the type of data that nonprofits have is of particular concern — billing and medical data are valuable in the black market and many nonprofits have more sensitive information that is of interest to government attackers.

The Tech Impact nonprofit information security division provides a full suite of IT security services designed to protect nonprofits from digital scams, data loss, system intrusion, and many other cyber attacks. Services include IT security assessments, cloud infrastructure and compliance strategy, modern authentication, cloud device management implementation, identity management implementation, and security advisor.

Tech Impact is also introducing a new security advisor service, which is a first-of-its-kind offering that provides nonprofits with an option for ongoing security services targeted at emerging threats. Nonprofit organizations will receive a customized suite of services that inform them about new threats, design and implement needed protections and respond to security incidents. Services include:

  • Security Assessment Services: website and network penetration testing, patch and firmware status verification, privileged user inventory, phishing penetration testing, and a web privacy and compliance survey
  • Consulting Services: strategy and budgeting sessions with Tech Impact experts, data and inventory and classification, policy and procedure review, and regularly scheduled check-in meetings
  • On-Demand Services: incident response and engagement with auditors

To learn more about Tech Impact’s security offerings, please visit


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