Good Grief! Yet Another Extortion Phishing Scam Has Appeared!

One day after I told you about the latest extortion phishing scam, I have another one for you. Like yesterday’s scam and last four extortion phishing scams that I told you about in the last few months, this one again plays on the fact that you might have surfed for porn and that you might of done something else related to that. In other words, it is playing on your guilt about doing things that you perhaps should not be doing. Here’s the text of the latest scam email that I came across:

Hello.. .

This won\’t take too much of your study time, therefore direct to the point. I got a video of you commiting spermicide when at a pornpage you are went to, thanks to a fantastic arse software I\’ve been able to put on a few internet sites with that kind of content.

You click play and all the digital cameras and a microphone start working in addition it will save every damn detail coming from your personal pc, like contacts, passwords or shit such as dat, think where i got this e mail from?) And so now i know just who i will deliver that to, just in case you not necessarily going to compensate this with me.

I am going to put a account address down below so that you can send me 690 bucks within 3 days utmost via bitcoin. See, it\’s not that large of a sum to cover, suppose that would make me not that bad of a man.

You are allowed to complete whatever the shit you want to, yet in case i will not see the total in the period of time mentioned above, clearly… u undoubtedly realize what can happen.

So it\’s under your control at this point. I\’m not going to proceed through all the info and crap, just simply don\’t have time for this as well as you possibly know that internet is loaded with text letters similar to this, therefore it is also your final choice to believe in this not really, there may be just one way to figure out.

Here is the bitcoin wallet address- <Bitcoin Address redacted>

Have a great time and remember that time clock is ticking))

The first thing that I note about this latest scam is that it doesn’t offer up a password that you might of used as “proof” that they hacked your computer. But it does offer up all the usual elements of these scams like installing some sort of trojan that takes control of your computer, in particular the webcam and microphone, and steals stuff like contacts. I’ve said it before and I will say it again, such software does exist. But if you have functioning and up to date antivirus software, it should be a non-issue.

Now,  like all the other variants of this scam, the scumbags behind it got the email address and password as part of a data breach. You can find out which data breach by going to and typing in your email address. It will likely come back with the fact that you’ve been part of a data breach of some sort. The fact that they don’t have a password that you might have used indicates that you were part of a breach that didn’t include passwords. Thus it is highly likely that the low life behind this scam is less sophisticated and not that bright when compared to the others who run scams like these.

Having said all of that, if you’re the least bit concerned about whether your system is compromised, consult a computer professional and have them check things over. Another thing I am strongly suggesting to my clients is that they change the passwords to things like email, online banking and the like as a preventative measure. That way if they get an email like this, they will know it is fake immediately.

These scams are starting to get out of hand. Thus I strongly suggest that you take measures to prevent yourself from becoming a victim. These scumbags want you to be the 1% of people who fall for something like this because they make lots of money off that 1%. Don’t be part of that 1%. Ignore an email like this and use my advice above to protect yourself.

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