GoTranscript updates iOS App With Boosted Sound Quality And Improved Editing Tools

Previously, transcription services were largely used solely by journalists and medical professionals. Yet in recent years, they have become popular in other fields, including legal and court hearings, HR and grievance proceedings, business meetings, or anyone looking to caption their social media posts. In these cases, transcription services save time by eliminating the need of a transcriber who manually takes notes and may accidentally miss certain details due to tiredness or misunderstanding.

A mobile-based transcription service can make life easier for various professionals by the user placing the device where it is needed, pressing the record button, then uploading it to the transcription service of their choice.

 GoTranscript has made the second major update of the year to its freelancer-driven transcription service by rolling out a set of major updates to its iOS app for iPhone and iPad. The new updates include improved recording quality that can rival Apple’s traditional Voice Memos app. This allows users to store their recordings in one place on their device, meaning they are less likely to be lost.

Earlier in 2018 GoTranscript introduced a new editing feature, which permits clients to edit parts of inaudible content that neither a human or a robot transcriber may be able to make out, and therefore ensure a 100% accuracy rate. GoTranscript has carried this feature over as a part of its new iOS app.

With the introduction of the new GoTranscript app for both Apple and Android devices, the company is set to build on its already impressive reduced transcription times of up to 30 minutes thanks to its recently introduced API.

Users of the new GoTranscript app will also receive a discount of up to 20% depending on the size of their files.

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