Zuckerberg Flips The Bird To Joint Canada/UK Parliamentary Committee

Last week a joint Canada/UK parliamentary committee sent out a request… If you call it that to Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg to give testimony in front of said committee. Today according to the Associated Press, Facebook told this committee to go do one:

Facebook rejected the invitation to appear before the so-called “international grand committee” session Nov. 27, arguing it wasn’t possible for Zuckerberg to appear before all parliaments.

So…. If I were running the committee in question (which also now includes Australia, Argentina and Ireland), I’d twist the screws. Threaten Facebook with oversight or have the UK and Canada or anyone else associated with this committee table legislation that limits what Facebook can do when it comes to user data. Or find some way to hit them in the bank account really hard. The fact is that Zuckerberg cannot simply be allowed to thumb his nose at people who want answers in terms of Facebook’s complete inability to protect user data. After all, he’s the CEO and the buck is supposed to stop with Zuck. Clearly he doesn’t want that which makes one question if he should be CEO of Facebook as he clearly doesn’t want to be responsible for anything and be held accountable for anything.


One Response to “Zuckerberg Flips The Bird To Joint Canada/UK Parliamentary Committee”

  1. […] bet that Mark Zuckerberg wishes that he had accepted that invite from the UK government among others right about now. I say that because The UK parliament has today publicly shared secret internal Facebook emails […]

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