Wise Ways To be Energy Efficient At Home This Winter

The Farmer’s Almanac is forecasting a long and “very, very cold” winter in 2019, and for Canadian homeowners that means higher utility bills. There are several ways Canadians can prepare their homes this winter to stay warmer and use less energy, resulting in lower bills:

  • When cooking or baking, use the oven light to peek at your creations, rather than opening the door. An oven loses about 20 per cent of its heat every time you open the door.
  • Understand the energy-using culprits in your home. Install a residential energy monitoring solution like the new Wiser Energy System from Schneider Electric for real-time access to energy consumption data in your home through a smartphone app.
  • Seal air leaks around your front door and windows with weather-stripping and caulking to prevent cold drafts.
  • Open curtains and shades on sunny days so the sun can naturally warm your home. Then, close your window shades at night to help keep the warm air inside.
  • Deck the halls with LED holiday lights. Use newer LED light bulb strands to decorate your home; they use less energy, last longer and present no fire hazard.
  • Install a programmable thermostat to maintain your optimal temperature inside. You can lower your home temperature at night or when you’re out for several hours. Each degree you roll back your temperature can save up to two percent on your heating bill.

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