#PSA It Seems That Canada Computers Is Leaking Customer Data

If you shop online with Canada Computers, I would avoid doing so for the time being. I say that because a Reddit post shows a concerned user explaining that they created a new account on Canada Computers, they found someone else’s information in the online address book that Canada Computers provides. That post popped up on November 21, 2018. You’ll note that today is December 4th and according to the thread, complaints have been made to Canada Computers and nothing has been done to rectify the issue. Which of course is really, really bad on the part of Canada Computers. The closest thing to a response is this on Reddit from a user claiming to work for Canada computers:

Hi guys, this has been forwarded to head office. Sorry for inconvenience this may have caused,

Inconvenience? Seriously. Leaking your customers personal data is not an inconvenience. It is a colossal screw up that should not happen.

But in any case, Canada Computers has not said anything about this anywhere. Which likely means that either they are trying to fix this, or they don’t care. My recommendation beyond not using them online is to not buy from their stores either as that sends a clear message that this sort of behaviour is unacceptable. Plus if you have seen this first hand, you should report this to the Canadian Privacy Commissioner because as of November 1st, companies are legally required to report this sort of thing. Clearly they don’t want to do that and thus deserve to be smacked silly.






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