The Chinese Are Named As The Source Of The Marriott Hack….. Hmmmmm……

In a plot twist that I wasn’t expecting, the Chinese are being named by the US Government as the people behind the Marriott hack. That’s the hack where 500 million people are affected. The New York Times has details on this and what the US Government is likely to do about it:

The hackers, they said, are suspected of working on behalf of the Ministry of State Security, the country’s Communist-controlled civilian spy agency. The discovery comes as the Trump administration is planning actions targeting China’s trade, cyber and economic policies, perhaps within days.

Those moves include indictments against Chinese hackers working for the intelligence services and the military, according to four government officials who spoke on the condition of anonymity. The Trump administration also plans to declassify intelligence reports to reveal Chinese efforts dating to at least 2014 to build a database containing names of executives and American government officials with security clearances.

Other options include an executive order intended to make it harder for Chinese companies to obtain critical components for telecommunications equipment, a senior American official with knowledge of the plans said.

Well, seeing as Canada is currently holding the CFO of Huawei at the request of the US because she’s been named as someone who orchestrated violations of sactions against Iran, you have to see this is as an escalation of tensions between the US and China. Assuming that the Chinese are behind this hack of course. I suspect that the story behind this hack is about to get very interesting very quickly.

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