Infographic: Beyond Steps – Wearables, Productivity,And Health

Our whole approach to wellness has changed in the past few years. Decades ago, it was only amateur and professional athletes who ever even thought about measuring how much they worked out and at what intensity. And even if they did record it, the only people who knew about it were fellow teammates and coaches. But now, wearable fitness monitors have made it possible for people to engage with their health on whole different levels, whether they’re training for something or not. And now companies, which often provide health benefits, are often curious about how using wearables can help their employees be more productive and call in sick less, which benefits the bottom line.

One way to figure out how wearables is affecting the workforce is to survey people about how they are using them and what they do with them. What do those results look like? This graphic helps to explain it.

Beyond steps: Wearables, productivity, and healthBeyond steps: Wearables, productivity, and healthInfographic by Quill


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