Huawei Employees Demoted After Tweeting Happy New Year From An iPhone

Reuters has the story of a bunch of people who work for embattled telcom company Huawei who decided that Tweeting happy new year from an iPhone was a really good idea. To be fair, they thought better of it and deleted the Tweet, but not before it went viral. For example, famous tech YouTuber Marques Brownlee took a screenshot of the Tweet:

Huawei execs got wind of this and sent out a memo on January 3, announcing punishments for the employees involved in this rather embarrassing incident. The two employees who were directly responsible for this were demoted and their monthly salaries were reduced by 5,000 yuan. That’s about $728 USD. Huawei has also frozen the pay rank of its digital marketing director for 12 months. But this isn’t the first time that Huawei has had this problem. Gal Gadot who is otherwise known as the actress who plays Wonder Woman in the DC movie of the same name posted a  tweet promoting the Huawei Mate 10 from an iPhone. Which ironically Marques Brownlee caught as well (click the Tweet for proof):

Plus they were caught using a pro camera to fake images so that they could demonstrate how good the cameras on their phones were….. Twice. Clearly this is a company who has issues beyond the fact that their CFO being arrested and people thinking that they are a threat to national security.

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