Adaptive Sound Technologies, Inc. Announces LectroSound At CES

Adaptive Sound Technologies Inc., (ASTI) the sleep sound experts and a leading supplier of sleep sound machines, today announced the launch of LectroSound, a totally unique sleep sound and noise masking product. Following the success and popularity of the award winning and top-rated LectroFan, LectroSound is the first high-quality sound machine that leverages advanced analog techniques to create pure white noise.  The sound generated by this new approach to sleep technology promotes relaxation and restful sleep through warm non-looping tones that also mask noise disturbances.

This groundbreaking design combined with simple and intuitive user controls make LectroSound the only sound machine that provides pure white noise, which cannot be accomplished with the digital design techniques used in other sound machines.

LectroSound sleep sound machines feature continuously adjustable white noise with dials that smoothly adjust tone and volume. Users can turn on LectroSound with the press of a button and turn a dial to select their sleep sound preference. Its sleek design has universal appeal that fits nicely into any space.

LectroSound can be purchased at and for $24.95.

In addition to showcasing their latest innovations at the Pepcom Digital Experience! Event on Monday, Jan. 7, the brand will also be exhibiting at the Sands Expo, booth #42742.

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