Alienware Command Center & Partnership With Riot Games Announced At CES

Alienware Command Center (AW CC) is the only software on the market to address all the needs of gamers in one easy to use application. From thermal and performance, to lights and sounds, AW CC bridges the entire Alienware ecosystem and empowers gamers to setup once, so that they can then simply enjoy their passion for video games. The past year, Alienware Software has conducted numerous user engagement events to learn how to improve our experiences. They’ve introduced over 30 new features or improvements based directly on gamer feedback. Now with the new Alienware m15, Alienware m17, and Alienware Area 51m, gamers will experience what happens when they pair best in class software with a best in class system; an unrivaled gaming experience.


Alienware partners with Riot Games and League of Legends

With a continued focus on promoting innovation and approachability of the rapidly expanding esports industry. Alienware forges a new multi year partnership with Riot Games. As the developer and operator behind the world’s most played and most viewed esports title, League of Legends, this monumental partnership enables both Alienware and Dell to demonstrate their expertise in hardware and technology services perfectly suited to support the rigorous operational logistics for a global esports scene like League of Legends. Alienware will become the Official Competition PC and display partner for the League of Legends Championship Series (LCS), the League of Legends European Championship (LEC), as well as in four international competitions: NA vs EU Rift Rivals, the Mid Season Invitational, the World Championship, and the All Star Event. Powering the competition behind League of Legends two premier Leagues and four international tournaments deployed across five continents will be a fleet of Alienware Aurora R8 desktops paired with top of the line AW2518H 240Hz G sync gaming monitors. Each Alienware PC setup within the fleet will run alongside Dell’s SupportAssist diagnostic features enabling proactive tools designed to detect and prevent technical issues before they have a chance to critically impact a match. For the pros competing in the LCS and LEC, this introduces not only a major improvement in the overall performance and responsiveness of the new 2019 PC league hardware but also helps to elevate the competitive experience by ensuring that the hardware used by teams climbing to the top throughout the regular season are the same that will support them in international play as well as throughout the 2019 League of Legends World Championship.

For the fans watching online and especially those who attend local League of Legends esports events, stay tuned. Alienware will be collaborating closely with Riot Games to introduce a variety of exciting broadcast innovations geared towards celebrating the elite skills of their competitors as well as creating pathways to enable the League esports experience to be more approachable and/or engaging for new and advanced players alike.

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