Facebook Employees Caught Posting Five Star Reviews Of Portal On Amazon

You might recall that Facebook in their rather bad 2018 came out with a device called Portal, which I balked at due to the issues that the company had with privacy. Only to be sort of proven right on that front. Well @TheDanLevy posted this tweet a few minutes ago that caught my attention:

The story that he put in his tweet can be found here. And in terms of what Facebook had to say about this… Well, here you go:

According to Facebook’s Bosworth, the reviews were “neither coordinated nor directed from the company,” noting additionally that when Portal first launched, Facebook actively encouraged employees internally to not review products it sells on Amazon, and that it would ask those employees to remove their reviews.

Do I believe that? No. The problem is that the ability to believe Facebook has gone completely out the window. While it is possible for the company to be telling the truth, they’re really going to have to sell me on the fact that there’s nothing underhanded here.


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