Vector Institute Offering Scholarships to Candidates Applying to AI Master’s Programs in Canada

The Vector Institute will award up to 115 scholarships to meritorious students who pursue a full-time AI-related master’s degree in the 2019-20 academic year in the province of Ontario, Canada. Scholarships will be awarded to students in both core technical programs and complementary fields such as business and health care. Graduates are highly sought after to work in leading startups and enterprises to help harness the full potential of AI to benefit the economy and our lives.

Canada, the birthplace of deep learning, has been at the forefront of AI advancements for decades thanks to pioneering researchers like Geoffrey Hinton, Yoshua Bengio, and Richard Sutton. The new Vector Scholarship in Artificial Intelligence aims to attract top students to learn from some of the world’s best faculty based in Toronto, Ontario and across Canada.

To be considered for the 2019-20 Vector Scholarship in Artificial Intelligence students must:

  1. Apply and be accepted for full-time study in:
  1. an AI-related master’s program recognized by the Vector Institute or;
  2. a master’s program in Ontario, Canada in an AI-related discipline that offers individualized study paths that are demonstrably AI-focused;
  1. Submit a personal statement explaining their AI-related experience and aspirations;
  2. Acquire two references; and
  3. Have a GPA equivalent to first class standing.

Scholarships are valued at $17,500 CAD for one full year. All scholarship winners and students enrolled in Vector-recognized master’s programs become part of the Vector Institute’s network of students, faculty, and employers who share a passion for collaborating to advance AI research and applications.

There has never been a better time to pursue an AI-related education and career in Canada. Having launched the world’s first national AI strategy, Canada is committed to training and seeding an AI workforce that has already incented major corporations like Amazon, DeepMind, Google Brain, Microsoft Research, NVIDIA, Samsung Research, and Uber ATG to set up Canadian labs. Between 2012-2017, more tech jobs were created in Toronto than in San Francisco, Seattle and Washington combined.

Canadian cities rank among the top when it comes to quality of life including safety, healthcare and quality of education. Canada embraces diversity and welcomes economic immigrants and international students who can become permanent residents and citizens. Toronto, Ontario’s capital, is the most multicultural city in the world with over 50% of its population born outside of Canada.


Candidates interested in pursuing a Vector Scholarship in Artificial Intelligence can find eligibility and application details online at


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