Guest Post: Galaxy S10 Price Locks: Money-Saving Heroes has a way to save up to $100 on the Galaxy S10: price locks. More people than ever sell or trade in their old phones when they buy a new one – but many unwittingly lose money by waiting too long to sell.

The problem? No one wants to sell their old phone until they have the new one in-hand, but values for older models can drop by as much as 15% to 40% in the weeks preceding a new flagship release. As we anticipate the Feb. 20 Galaxy S10 release, that means:

  • The Galaxy S9 will likely lose between $50 and $130 of its current buyback value ($325), resulting in a $195 to $275 price
  • The Galaxy S8 will likely lose between $40 and $105 of its current buyback value ($264), resulting in a $159 to $224 price

The longer you wait to sell, the more money you’re leaving on the table – up to $100 or more – but that’s not an issue when you take advantage of price locks, the heroes that thwart price drops. Here’s how they work:

  • Lock in a high price now, before prices drop
  • Sell your phone up to 30 days later at the locked in price (no matter how much prices drop in the interim) – there’s no need to sell it before you have a new phone
  • There’s no obligation to sell – price locks simply lock in a price in case you decide to cash in later

Now is the time to lock in a high price, and there’s an easy way to do it. helps people get more money for their used phones by instantly displaying buyback offers from more than a dozen Trust Verified stores that compete to pay top dollar. We also show which stores offer price locks and for how long. You can see how it works here:


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