Petition Calls On PM Justin Trudeau to Ban Huawei From Canada’s 5G Network

Pressure is increasing on the Canadian Government to ban Huawei from being part of Canada’s 5G networks. A petition was started by David Morrish in Vancouver, B.C., who runs MBS Tech, a cyber security services provider for enterprise clients. It’s at just under 30,000 signatures and calls on PM Justin Trudeau to get this done and gives reasons why he needs to get this done. Clearly people want Huawei to have no part of any 5G network that Canada builds.

The question is, is PM Trudeau on board with this or not? And will Bell and Telus who are known to use Huawei gear in their networks reconsider this? I guess we’ll find out after the Canadian government finish their review of Huawei. And hopefully it leads to the release of the Canadians held unjustly by China.


2 Responses to “Petition Calls On PM Justin Trudeau to Ban Huawei From Canada’s 5G Network”

  1. Raymond Tsun Says:

    I am using Bell. I might quit Bell if it is using Huawei things. May I know which cell phone provider in Canada is not using Huawei things? (Then I can switch my cell phone service there.) (Looks like Huawei or its master, the powerful dictatorship, has planted lots of “seeds” in Canada.) Ray

    • Bell and Telus are using Huawei gear at the edge of their network as far as I know. Not in the core parts of their network. Rogers as far as I know do not use Huawei gear.

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