Why My Wife And I Are Riding For Cycle For Sight This Summer

People who follow this blog know that I am a nerd who loves tech. And you’ve likely followed the adventures of my wife and I to places like the east coast and Eastern Ontario to ride our bikes. But what you may not know, though I have touched on it in the past is that I have an eye disease called Keratoconus which without special contact lenses makes it difficult for me to see. In the case of my wife, her grandfather was legally blind. So eye disease is something that hits home for both of us.

Right now, over 1 million Canadians are living with blinding eye diseases. There are currently no cures for these diseases and as vision fades, so too can hope. That is why we are participating in Cycle for Sight and raising money for the Foundation Fighting Blindness (FFB). We’ll both be doing a 50K ride, and we’d like as many of you as possible to help us to raise money for this worthy cause. You can help to provide hope by donating today at this link. Based on the traffic that this blog gets, if each of you donates $10, thousands of dollars for research into eye diseases could be raised. Thus I ask you to do your part to help to hasten the end of eye diseases that affect so many.

The ride is on June 22nd and I’ll be putting up a story about the ride and how it goes. Perhaps its not related the technology news and reviews that you come here for, but it serves a far more important purpose .

Thanks for reading.


2 Responses to “Why My Wife And I Are Riding For Cycle For Sight This Summer”

  1. […] would help to prepare us for our upcoming fundraising ride later in June which I have written about previously. The strap felt very secure and stable on our wrists during the two hours on the bike and it was […]

  2. […] Ontario which is about 70 minutes north of Toronto. But that’s close enough. You’ll recall that I was soliciting donations from the readers of this blog as I know that I have a very loyal […]

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