Guest Post: Flipsy Discusses The 5 Things To Do Before You Buy A Galaxy S10 has some tips about what people should do before they buy the new Galaxy S10.

  1. Compare wireless plans. It’s easy to get excited about Galaxy S10 discounts, but it’s important to understand exactly what the terms are before you commit to a wireless carrier. Ask questions like:
  • How much data does the plan offer? What are the penalties for going over?
  • How long am I locked in to this contract? Can I pay it off early? Are there early termination fees?
  • Is it better to buy on a monthly installment plan or pay for the phone upfront?
  • Will I get coverage everywhere I need it? At home, work and school, and everywhere in between?
  • Can I get a better deal somewhere else? Should I explore MVNOs, which use major carrier towers but might offer reduced rates? What about a service like Google Fi?

When the average unlimited wireless plan costs $80 per month, it pays to compare your options.

  1. Compare trade-in offers. Wireless carriers will trade in old phones, but you can get an average of 30% more by selling to an online buyback store. Benefits include:
  • Cash payouts that can be spent anywhere and even help offset some of the cost of a new phone (versus carrier credit)
  • Fast payouts submitted within 3 business days (versus carrier payouts applied as bill credit over several months)
  • Convenient and guaranteed sales (versus waiting indefinitely for a buyer on eBay or Swappa)
  • Free shipping

Flipsy instantly compares buyback offers from more than a dozen Trust Verified Stores so you can see at-a-glance who is currently paying more for any phone. You can see how it works here:

  1. Lock in a high price. If you’re selling your old phone, take advantage of price locks to beat the inevitable price drops that will occur once the Galaxy S10 is available (15 to 40%). Price locks:
  • Let you lock in a high price now
  • Sell up to 30 days later at that price no matter how much values drop in the interim
  • Do not obligate you to sell
  • Let you keep your phone until you get the new Galaxy S10 – without losing any money

Flipsy shows which companies offer price locks, and for how long.

  1. Protect your data. Make a backup of your data so it can be transferred to your new Galaxy S10. Then, completely erase data from your old phone to:
  • Protect against identity theft and access to financial accounts
  • Keep prying eyes away from personal photos, videos and social media accounts
  • Make it easy to sell your old phone when you’re ready

You should also turn off any phone tracking services and reset your phone to factory settings.

  1. Protect your new phone. You can do this at the same time you buy your Galaxy S10. Get a good screen protector and case to keep your Galaxy S10 scratch-free and protect it from drops and other damage. It’s the best way to keep your phone in good condition so you can later maximize its trade-in value, which will help offset the cost of your next phone.

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