Review: Schmidt Straps Milan Apple Watch Band

After I reviewed this Milanese loop Apple Watch band last year, it disappeared from Amazon for unknown reasons. So readers have been asking me for another option for a Milanese loop that doesn’t cost just under $200 CDN from Apple. I believe that I have found it in the form of the Schmidt Straps Milan Apple Watch band:


Right off the top this looks very classy and upscale. Everything feels smooth and the band feels well put together. In the two days that I wore it before writing this review, it felt extremely comfortable and I will note that hairs did not get caught in the band at all.


The only thing that I noticed is that the lugs that slide into the Apple Watch have more play than I am used to seeing in a watch band. But on the flip side, they do match my space grey Apple Watch.


The magnet is strong and the only time things loosen up is when I am doing some sort of physical activity which is not a surprise as that’s not the use case that this band was designed for. The magnet lines up perfectly with the rest of the band with no fiddling.

I really have nothing bad to say about this band as it hits all the boxes. As for price, it is $65.00 CAD with discounts if you buy more than one. While that’s not cheap, it’s way cheaper than what Apple wants for their version. And to sweeten the pot, there’s free shipping from China where these bands are made. So as far as I am concerned, this is a good value. I’d check these guys out if you’re in the market for an Milanese loop and don’t want to pay Apple’s prices for one.


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