Classcraft Selected For Unreasonable FUTURE Program

After a rigorous selection process involving hundreds of  companies across the globe, ​Classcraft​ has been selected to join 15 growth-stage ventures in the initial Unreasonable FUTURE program. ​Unreasonable FUTURE​ is a bold multi-year initiative that will  bring together disruptive innovators and entrepreneurs to design a future in which people and  technology work side-by-side to solve workplace challenges and unlock human potential everywhere.


Founded in 2013 by brothers Shawn and Devin Young and their father Lauren Young, Classcraft is an  Engagement Management System ​ (EMS) that uses the cultural phenomenon of video games to help  educators drive measurable academic performance, non-cognitive skills development, and school  climate. By blending students’ physical and virtual learning, the program reframes their progress in  school as a game they play together throughout the year Classcraft is used by 5+ million students and  educators worldwide in more than 160 countries and is available in 11 languages.

The first annual cohort of ventures will include companies creating the future of learning and  up-skilling, so underserved youth and those whose jobs are being replaced by technology will find  pathways to new opportunities in the digital era. The portfolio also includes entrepreneurs using  disruptive technologies to maximize human potential in the workplace of tomorrow. By bringing them  together, the goal is to rewrite the narrative of what it means for all humans to thrive in a new, more  equitable economy.

The first Unreasonable FUTURE program will take place from March 27 – April 7, at a private venue  outside of San Jose, California. A full list of ventures, mentors, and specialists participating in  Unreasonable FUTURE can be found ​here​. Additional details about the partnership and program can  be found on their ​website​.


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