Flipsy Notes That iPhones & iPads Have Vastly Different Inflation Rates

Flipsy.com has noted an interesting nugget that might escape notice: iPads and iPhones have drastically different inflation rates. And this was highlighted by the release of the new iPads yesterday.

The last 3 iterations of the iPad Mini and iPad Air have carried the same base prices: $399 and $499, respectively. This contrasts with iPhone prices, which have increased by an average of 12% per year.

If we look at 2014 models, the iPad Mini 3 cost $399 and the iPad Air 2 cost $499. The iPhone 6 cost $649. In 2018, the iPhone XS cost $999. So, while iPad prices have remained static over 5 years, the iPhone price increased by 54% over 4 years.

Flipsy found this interesting, especially since many of the iPad improvements mirror those of the iPhone: the new iPads and the iPhone XS all have 64GB base models and feature the A12 bionic chip, for example. I think that highlights that Apple is really trying to extract as much cash as it can from iPhone users. It also highlights why Apple is freaking out in regards to a drop in iPhone sales.


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