Trend Micro Study Highlights Cybersecurity Threats In The Food Production Industry

In order to provide adequate food for the ever-increasing population without laying pressure on farmable land, high-tech tools and systems are being used by food production industries. Food production involves a gamut of functions – production of food items, storage, processing, waste management, and other tasks. IoT is used in most of these activities through connected devices for activities such as managing large tracts of land, track and feed large herds of animals, maintain specific storage environments, etc.

As we all know, new technology brings with itself new challenges and risks. Cybersecurity is one of the biggest threats of this decade and while IoT in food production is beneficial, there are critical security concerns. IoT is fairly new to the industry, so many are not prepared for or even aware of the industry-specific risks.

To help combat this threat and offer unique insights and solutions, Trend Micro has issued a study identifying the cybersecurity threats among the food production industry.Major threats discovered include:

  • Exposed internet-connected systems
  • Exposed records for food safety compliance
  • Unsecured RTK base stations
  • Online farm management platforms
  • Other exposed supply chain operations

The study can be found here and is very much worth reading as security in general and specifically related to IoT should be top of mind


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