Winners from Hack the Globe Announced

The winners from the first of its kind hackathon in Canada, Hack the Globe, involving 130 university students tackling the world’s most pressing social impact problems, have been announced. The event was in conjunction with Boston Consulting Group (BCG) and the Google Impact Challenge.

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The winning team was made up of four University of Toronto students from the DOC Team who used natural language processing to support doctors in rural communities and provide distance diagnosis to patients. Their tool, Digital On-Call Healthcare-Consultant (DOC), is for healthcare professionals to receive a second opinion and medical knowledge refresher with symptom analysis and diagnosis recommendation backend.

The runner up was a team of three students from the University of Waterloo who devised an app called Relief that tracks natural disaster survivor needs and enables businesses and the public to donate non-monetary items in an effective manner.

Why is this important? The non-profit sector is hurting from the lack of innovation taking place. By enabling students to devise innovative approaches to social impact problems, new and potent



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