OpenMedia Champions Right To Repair In Canada

OpenMedia was founded to fight for an open, accessible and affordable Internet. But Internet access is not just about having broadband in your community. It’s also about having access to durable and reliable computers and smartphones that allow you to use the Internet. The growing trend of planned obsolescence is a barrier for low and middle income people who can’t afford to buy a new device every 1-3 years. After all, when you buy a car, you know that you can go to any mechanic to do an oil change or replace a chipped window. Shouldn’t this be the same for your iPhone?

Unfortunately, it’s becoming increasingly difficult to repair your own devices.

Companies are increasingly forcing users to either buy a new product, or limit who can repair it by restricting the trade in parts and designing in ways too difficult to repair. Just try fixing a newer iPhone.

The end result is that you have to replace smartphones, toasters, washing machines and even farm tractors with higher frequency or pay more to fix them through an authorized dealer. Ultimately, people are paying more for the same products and generating more e-waste.

That’s why millions of people across North America and Europe are fighting for their right to repair their appliances, electronic devices and machinery. Already, at least 18 U.S. states and the EU are trying to pass right to repair legislation.

The right to repair isn’t just about being able to use toaster ovens longer. It’s about ensuring students have access to the Internet, farmers can repair their tractors, and mom-and-pop repair shops can stay open.

The time to enshrine the right to repair into law has come. Which is why OpenMedia is asking you to join the movement by signing on to this petition to bring right to repair to Canada sooner rather than later.

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