Introducing motusbank: The fresh, New Banking Alternative For Digitally-Savvy Canadians

Starting today, every Canadian who has ever felt frustrated or underwhelmed by their banking experience has an entirely new and exciting option available to them. Allow us to present motusbank: a full-service bank providing Canadians with an exceptional digital service offering, as well as access to some of the most competitive rates and fees in the country.

To celebrate its official launch, motusbank is introducing an unprecedented new mortgage offer with a highly competitive low rate of 3.09% on all one to five-year fixed rate mortgages. In addition to this time-limited mortgage offer, it is also offering the same amazing rate for a five year variable closed mortgage and 3.75% for a Home Equity Line of Credit (HELOC).

While motusbank operates as a standalone digital bank, it is owned and backed 100 per cent by Meridian, Ontario’s largest credit union, and Canada’s fastest growing credit union by membership. motusbank brings Meridian’s unique value proposition digitally to all Canadians.

motusbank’s unique offerings include end-to-end digital platforms for deposit account openings, unsecured loans and lines of credit. Its digital mortgage platform enables members and prospects to apply for and receive mortgages completely online – on their own time and at their own pace – from the application phase straight through to the receipt of funds.

motusbank also says its members will benefit from better pricing and services than traditional banks because there are no public shareholders demanding increased returns every quarter.  Members of motusbank will be actively engaged as valued partners to provide their feedback to improve and enhance the motusbank experience on an ongoing basis as it evolves.

To experience a whole new approach to banking and to take advantage of our low, introductory mortgage rate, please visit for more information. Follow @motusbank on Twitter and InstagramFacebook and Linked In.

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