This Earth Day, OVH Is At The Forefront Of Eco-Innovation

In such a rapidly advancing technological environment, today’s companies aim to be at the forefront of innovation. Overlooked is the understanding that today’s generation of innovators are also social conscious individuals – hence, the need for eco-innovation. Since its creation 20 years ago, OVH has put eco-innovation at the heart of its philosophy, developing in-house technologies to reduce energy consumption in its 28 data centers around the globe with 98 per cent of data centers using water-cooling of their servers.

OVH wants to help businesses unlock added value thanks to the savings generated by our green approach and foster an eco-friendly method to the cloud industry starts with managing data centers the right way. The sooner energy efficient advancements are adapted to, the better for both businesses and the environment.

The OVH green model is seen through design, manufacturing and operational processes:

  • In-house development exclusive cooling systems.

o   30% air-cooling and 70% water-cooling to eliminate air-conditioning altogether.

  • OVH has also developed cooling hubs behind its servers to create autonomous racks, allowing to deploy anywhere and keep fully-isolated from external temperature conditions.
  • OVH data centers are designed for optimization of air flow coming from the outside, heated by the components and evacuated at the back of the servers.

OVH Canada has a data centre in Beauharnois, Quebec. Present in Canada since 2011, OVH opened the following year south of Montreal one of largest data centre in the world in capacity (360,000 servers), pioneering the data centre boom in Quebec. Benefiting from Quebec’s long winters and temperate summers, OVH’s Canadian data centre is located near a hydro-electric dam providing 100% clean, renewable energy.

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