BREAKING: BBM To Shut Down May 31st

I am old enough to remember that the way to communicate with someone long before Facebook Messenger, WhatsApp, or anything else was using BlackBerry Messenger or BBM for short. It was a fast and secure way to communicate with someone. And long before iMessage was a thing, you could see if someone read your message and you could tell if they were typing a reply. It was cutting edge back in the day.

But we’re in 2019 and there are other ways to communicate. Some of which have copied BBM’s groundbreaking features. But even to this day I still have a BBM client on my iPhone even though the last time I touched it was over a year ago. I guess I could never give it up. But now I will have to because of this announcement from BlackBerry:

It appears from reading this, that BlackBerry is re positioning BBM as a corporate communication tool. That makes sense given where the company is at right now. But it is a bit of a shame to see BBM go.


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