Users Of Older Adobe Creative Cloud Apps Might Get Sued If They Don’t Upgrade

If you’re using older versions of Adobe Creative Cloud apps, now might be a great time to upgrade. Because according to Adobe, you might get sued if you don’t. Customers have been getting emails from Adobe in regards to this which apparently aren’t too nice. And one customer reached out to Adobe on Twitter and got this response.

The apps affected include Photoshop, Lightroom Classic, Premiere, Animate and Media Director. And you’re likely wondering why using older versions of these apps is an issue. Well, it stems from the fact that a lot of creative types have workflows that work best with older versions of software. Or they are just used to the software and don’t want to change. Or they don’t want to introduce issues by upgrading to something that breaks their workflow.

Apparently this stems from a licensing dispute between Adobe and Dolby which seems to be turning ugly. Thus users of Created Cloud should consider themselves warned because by the time a company starts sending out notices like these, it’s a sign that things are not good.

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