ARM Cuts Off Huawei From Its Chip Tech

The BBC is reporting that chipmaker ARM has cut off Huawei from access to their tech:

ARM instructed employees to halt “all active contracts, support entitlements, and any pending engagements” with Huawei and its subsidiaries to comply with a recent US trade clampdown.

ARM’s designs form the basis of most mobile device processors worldwide.

In a company memo, it said its designs contained “US origin technology”.

As a consequence, it believes it is affected by the Trump administration’s ban.

This is a huge hit to Huawei because ARM designs form the backbone of most modern smartphone processors. Apple processors for example are based on ARM designs. So I can’t see how Huawei moves forward without ARM being in the mix. Huawei has already said that this is a non-issue for them. But I don’t buy that and neither does anyone else. At some point all these companies who are cutting ties with Huawei will eventually cause the company to tap out and cry uncle. The question is how long will that take?

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