Classcraft Launches “Story Mode” And Debuts Season 1 Trailer at ISTE 2019

At ISTE 2019, Classcraft will premiere the trailer for “Classcraft: Season 1,” an episodic adventure that helps K-12 teachers engage and motivate students by harnessing the power of storytelling. Classcraft, a Google for Education Premier Partner, provides tools to measure and promote student motivation that are used by more than 5 million students and educators.


Classcraft: Season 1 will premiere during Back to School 2019, with a new episode released each month. Teachers can use it as a year-long adventure to complement their existing lessons, creating deeper student engagement.

You can watch the trailer for Season 1 here.

Classcraft: Season 1 is a part of Classcraft’s new “Story Mode,” which is designed to help teachers improve student engagement, foster a positive school climate, and promote social emotional learning (SEL) through a series of ready-made stories set within the Classcraft world.

By providing a set of plug-and-play stories that align to class objectives, Story Mode allows teachers to harness the power of storytelling without having to spend time crafting their own narratives.

Classcraft: Season 1, which explores themes of self-discovery and the value of human relationships through a year-long adventure story, will premiere during Back to School 2019. New episodes will be released each month. The Season 1 trailer was created and animated by Classcraft’s Storytelling team of writers, designers, and illustrators, who have been recognized for their work at video game studios such as EA and Gameloft. The trailer features an original orchestral score by award-winning film composer Garth Stevenson.

Classcraft unveils a new look

Last week, Classcraft introduced a new logo that reflects its goal of making the power of games accessible to all teachers and students.

For the story of how the new logo came to be, read a blog post from Classcraft co-founders Shawn, Devin, and Lauren Young.

The all-new Classcraft Ambassador Program

At ISTE 2019, Classcraft will officially unveil its all-new Ambassador Program. Classcraft Ambassadors are a group of passionate teachers inspiring and supporting other educators with Classcraft, from their schools to communities all around the world.

Educators interested in sharing their Classcraft story, connecting with other educators, and helping Classcraft have a deeper impact for the millions of students using it are invited to submit an application or visit Classcraft at ISTE Booth #2030 to learn more.

All things Classcraft at ISTE 2019

For a complete guide to Classcraft’s activities at ISTE 2019 — including speaker sessions, a Nintendo Switch giveaway, and the Classcraft AR Experience, take a look at their ISTE round-up announcement.

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