CIK Telecom Launches CIK Home Security

Toronto based Telecommunication Company CIK Telecom recently added a Home Security Service to their suite of products and services. CIK Home Security assures customer protection and safety 24×7 from anywhere. The monitoring service includes an ULC (Underwriters laboratories of Canada) listed alarm monitoring facility with reliable and reputable security professionals to monitor homes. The security system allows customers to control and monitor the access to their home even when they are away or sleeping and even detect water leaks in the basement.

The CIK home security system was developed by the CIK Research & Development department and are also working on more innovative products which will be added to the current Home Security system. The whole security system is designed to take into account different aspects of households such as an SOS emergency button for the elderly living alone or special pet immune infrared detectors to avoid false alarms. Even for big houses or buildings, CIK will provide a single treble alarm device to choose from, which can be installed anywhere to scare off intruders.

Furthermore, customers will also be able to enjoy the following:

  • Insurance certificates to reduce home insurance costs
  • Customers can also provide paid guards for themselves when needed
  • 24 hour multi-language customer support including English, Mandarin and Cantonese
  • Free basic hardware including 1 central control panel, 2 infrared sensors and door triggers
  • Email and SMS for notifications
  • No contract required

Besides all these services, customers will also be given options for a third party requests in case of an incident. After the launch of the CIK home security system, cameras will be also added to make the system more secure.

The CIK home security has two plans and currently both have a promotion of $10 off, where the basic plan is available for only $19.99 per month and the premium plan is $29.99 per month with one time installation fee of $99 and $199 respectively installed by professionals.


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