The Privacy Concerns Around FaceApp Are Not Going Away

Earlier today, I posted a story on FaceApp and the fact that it has significant privacy concerns. And I recommended that you should avoid it.

I am now doubling down on that recommendation. Here’s why. Developer Joshua Nozzi posted this on Twitter today.

So this app grabs all your photos without your permission? This is mind blowing. But wait, that might be incorrect:

I encourage you to click on the tweet above to get the full picture of what this person is saying. But in short, FaceApp does not upload all your pictures. Or at least, it doesn’t appear to. But… It does use Facebook Accountkit for seamless login purposes. As it you can use your Facebook account to log in. Which doesn’t inspire confidence. Nevertheless, the fact that it isn’t clear what this app is doing or not doing is cause for concern.

The company clearly is feeling the heat because they responded to this crisis via TechCrunch today. I encourage you to read the full statement as it isn’t the most robust one that I have seen and leaves them with a bit of wiggle room. Plus they admit to having a R&D team in Russia, but no info is sent there. That’s something I find difficult to believe.

I’ll go back to what I said earlier today. Avoid FaceApp. Don’t use it. Don’t install it. Don’t go near it. Because given today’s events, it isn’t clear what this app is all about and if you are safe to use it.

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