DOJ Opening “Broad Antitrust Review” Of Major Tech Companies

If you’re Apple, Google, or Facebook, this may be a problem. As detailed by the Wall Street Journal [Likely Paywalled], the DOJ review targets practices of online platforms:

Justice Department officials said those agreements weren’t meant to be open-ended or all-encompassing. But in any case the department isn’t trying to pre-empt the FTC’s work, they said, and suggested the two agencies might explore different tech practices by the same company, as well as different legal theories for possible cases.

While companies like Facebook and Google perhaps have some “questionable” business practices, Apple perhaps doesn’t belong on this list. Though the The Wall Street Journal suggests otherwise when it comes to the App Store [Likely Paywalled]. In short, I wonder how much of this is about politics and how much of this is because there are actual problems with tech companies. I guess we’re about to find out.

One Response to “DOJ Opening “Broad Antitrust Review” Of Major Tech Companies”

  1. […] the deal will still need to be finalized by the Justice Department. And given their investigation that was announced yesterday, it could change. But I don’t see that happening. And Facebook’s are over. At least […]

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