Apple Stops Siri Listening Program While Google Told By Germans To Stop Their Listening Program

According to a new report from TechCrunch, Apple is putting a worldwide stop to a Siri audio grading program that made the news recently. Now I’ve written that the program isn’t unusual, and users agreed to that if they use Siri, and they told users about it. But I guess the blowback was too much for Apple to ignore. Thus they took this action and they will let users opt out of the program when it returns….. Whenever that is.

But what’s interesting about this development is that Google has had German regulators halt their version of this program. This suspension will last three months while the Germans have some fun with Google.

So that leaves Amazon being the odd people out when it comes to this topic. You have to wonder if they will proactively do something like Apple has done, or wait for someone to tell them to stop as is the case with Google.


3 Responses to “Apple Stops Siri Listening Program While Google Told By Germans To Stop Their Listening Program”

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