Cogeco Peer 1 Changes Name to Aptum Technologies

Cogeco Peer 1, a managed hosting and cloud services provider, today announced it has changed its name to Aptum Technologies. The move follows the April 2019, acquisition of Cogeco Peer 1 by Digital Colony, a global investment firm dedicated to strategic opportunities in digital infrastructure. Aptum means ‘adaptability’ and reflects their heritage and vision for the future.

Headquartered in Toronto, Aptum will operate with two focused business units — Data Centre and Fibre.  The Data Centre business will concentrate on enabling multi-cloud services for enterprises. The Fibre business will be Canada’s first independent, neutral-host provider of small cell and 5G infrastructure, and enterprise and wholesale fibre connectivity with an extensive metro fibre network across greater Toronto and Montreal.

With a 20-year heritage helping customers maximize technologies to store, manage, move and secure their critical data, Aptum is one of a select group of companies able to offer true hybrid infrastructure solutions with secure data centre, cloud, connectivity and managed services across North and Central America, Europe, the Middle East and Africa.

Aptum is led by an experienced executive team that includes:

  • Susan Bowen, Chief Executive Officer
  • Shenif Visram, Chief Finance Officer
  • Sanjay Sachdev, President and Head of Fibre
  • Leighton Plumley, Chief Revenue Officer (Data Centre Business Unit)
  • Cindy Jordan-Ford, EVP Global Strategic Accounts & Alliances
  • Jeremy Pease, Chief Operating Officer
  • Scott Davis, Interim Chief Infrastructure Officer
  • Paul Dyck, Vice President, Human Resources

Concurrent with the rebranding, Aptum has launched two new offerings that expand and enhance its customers’ hybrid cloud options:

  • Managed Amazon Web Services (AWS) – reinforcing Aptum’s commitment to multi-cloud this new suite of AWS services complements Aptum’s existing Managed Azure and Managed Private Cloud offerings. Managed AWS services include consultation; architecture/design; solution build and configuration; migration; project management; ongoing service management and optimization; and 24/7 expert support. Managed AWS is available in Canada, the U.S. and the U.K.
  • New Cloud Connect Availability – expansion of Cloud Connect, which offers a direct, dedicated and secure connection to cloud services. Cloud Connect is now available for AWS Direct Connect, Google Cloud Platform, ServiceNow, Salesforce, SAP and Oracle in addition to Microsoft ExpressRoute. The Cloud Connect expansion is available in all regions.



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  1. Yvonne Fleming Says:

    Hello All,
    Michelle Emanuel (Global Head of People and Engagement)  has NOT called me back regarding my 401k.  I have left more than 10 messages over the last 2 months.  I am quite disappointed with the lack of communication.  
    I was promised by Peer1 HR that they would waive the fee to Rollover fee from  Empower <–(VOYA) <–(ING) Yvonne Fleming TRS OF PEER 1 NETWORK INC 401K SAVINGS PLAN (GH1347) which is an exorbitant (
    ex·or·bi·tant/iɡˈzôrbəd(ə)nt/ Learn to pronounceadjective(of a price or amount charged) unreasonably high.amount or $100.  I am ready to roll over the 401K and would like that promise honored.  I spoke to Michelle several times and she promised to call me back.  Although I hope she is well, I have given up on her ability to follow through and keep her word.  Please call me back, and check on Michelle.

    Susan Bowen PresidentShenif Visram, Chief Financial Officer
    Alberto Da Anunciacao, Chief Infrastructure Officer
    Jeremy Pease, Chief Operating Officer
    Scott Davis, Interim Chief Infrastructure Officer
    Michelle Emanuel, Global Head of People and Engagement
    Ross Woodham, General Counsel and Chief Privacy Officer
    Claudine Dumont, Director, Marcom and

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