Review: 2019 Jeep Cherokee North – Part 3

The interior of the 2019 Jeep Cherokee North is has some upscale touches and will be somewhere where you’ll enjoy spending your driving time in. Let me walk you through it so that you can see what I mean:


The drivers seat has some grippy cloth material that holds you in place, and is comfortable once you use the power adjustments to find a seating position that works for you as it took me a couple of days of tweaking things to give me a balance between headroom and legroom. I did wish it was longer to better support my thighs though. From the drivers seat, I found visibility all around the vehicle to be decent.


The chrome colored door handle does a good job of contrasting the black plastic, soft touch material, and leather. You can also see the power windows and mirror controls. You have a decent sized storage bin underneath.


Exterior and interior lighting controls can be seen here along with the foot well where you can see the dead pedal which is handy for comfort during long drives.


There’s a clear and easy to read instrument cluster. In the middle is a TFT screen where you can customize it with all sorts of info that is useful to you.


The steering wheel is leather wrapped and comfortable to hold. It also has all the controls for the Connect infotainment system which I will speak more of in part 4 of this review.

IMG_1083This is the 7″ UConnect infotainment screen which seems small to me as I have been in vehicles where the 8.4″ screen is present and in the process makes it the star of the interior. Below that are the HVAC controls. And you’ll see on the left that the Cherokee North requires a key instead of being push button start.


A unique feature of the Jeep Cherokee North is this storage area for sunglasses on the dash. This supplements the one on the roof.


There’s a cubby that’s just fits an iPhone XS and is a tight fit for an iPhone XR, both with cases. You can also see the wheel that allows you to tweak the 4×4 system to match the terrain that you are on. The shifter is leather wrapped.


Here you can see the shifter along with the electronic parking brake, the two cupholders which pass the Starbucks venti test, and a space behind them for a pen.


Besides the wheel to control the 4×4 system, there’s a USB port, and AUX jack, and a 12V DC port.

IMG_1087‘There’s also a USB port and a 12V DC outlet in this storage area which doubles as an armrest.


There’s a lit glovebox that has a fair amount of space.


On the front passenger side, there’s this netting to hold magazines or maps.


The back seats can comfortably carry two adults easily as long as the driver or front passenger aren’t too tall. Three adults back here isn’t going to happen comfortably because of the hump in the middle.


Besides the HVAC vents, you’ll see at the bottom a pair of USB ports for use by rear seat passengers.


If you don’t need to carry three people, there are two cupholders that are for use by rear seat passengers.


There is a ton of room in the back for anything that you need to carry. Plus there’s 60/40 folding seats to give you even more room. On top of that…..


There is a storage area underneath the floor.


You can see that our weekly groceries haul didn’t come close to maxing out the available space back here.


And on the hatch there’s a handle that allows you to close the hatch without getting your hands dirty. That’s handy as this is a manual hatch.

The build quality of the Jeep Cherokee North was pretty good with no rattles or squeaks noted during my time with it. The only thing that I did note was that the handle above had a tendency to come apart slightly. That required you to pop it back into place. It did that twice under my watch. Other than that, I didn’t notice anything else.

Tomorrow I’ll talk about the technology that comes the the Jeep Cherokee North. Being the base model, the tech that does come with it is worth talking about so I would tune in for that.


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