IRIS Launches Its New IRIScanTM Desk Range

IRIS (Canon Group), a leader in information management,announces the market launch of a new range of scanners, including two new products: IRIScan Desk 5 and IRIScan Desk 5 Pro. This technology, developed thanks to the brand’s investment in R&D, combines the functions of a high-resolution camera and an ultra-fast scanner.

For use by businesses in the field of tourism (hotels, apartment rentals, etc.), public services (town halls, hospitals, libraries, etc.), financial institutions (banking and insurance), specialist companies (telecom operators, etc.) or, more generally, any professional needing to retrieve and/or extract data. This camera scanner can speed up data collection by shortening the process of inputting official information, whilst preventing errors.

IRIScan Desk 5, stylish and ergonomic, the new advantage for professionals

Thanks to this new camera scanner, you can scan any type of document or book: contracts, invoices, receipts, plans, newspapers, and magazines, without the need to cut them and damage them (up to A4)! Bound or spiral-bound documents are easy to scan. Simply enable automatic page change detection and convert the whole document into a Word, Excel, or PDF file.

It is now possible to scan an entire paperback book by placing it under the camera and holding its edges. The page will be flattened, and your fingers will be detected and erased from the final image.

Finally, IRIScan Desk 5 can also create video formats thanks to its function that records the progress of an operation or demonstration. A very practical function for recording web tutorials, unboxings, or live screenings for online courses.

IRIScan Desk 5 Pro, the technological advantage that combines simplicity, performance, and time saving.

In addition to the capabilities of its little sister, IRIScan Desk 5 Procan handle bigger documents (up to A3), and is intended forarchitects’ offices, notaries, hotels, schools, and the security sector. Itcan also scan official documents such as passports and ID cards withjust one click (using an optional dedicated IRISPowerscan solution).Amongst other things, it allows hotels to satisfy their legal requirement to send a daily guest list to the local authorities. Finally, it can also scan business cards or driving licences. Just place the document under the device, in any orientation. Thanks to its integrated multilingual OCR technology, the data, once scanned, are automatically extracted without any manual intervention.

It can also recognize 1D to 2D barcodes, as well as QR codes, and export the results to an Excel or text file.

IRIScanTM Desk 5, with its 8-megapixel camera, will have a recommended retail price of €199 or $220 USD. IRIScan Desk 5 Pro, with its 12-megapixel camera, will handle up to A3 format documents and will have a recommended retail price of €299 or $330 USD.

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