Introducing Ecofriendly: Recycle Smarter App 

Recycling can significantly offset CO2 emissions from manufacturing – but did you know that most of the items we put in our blue bin end up in the trash if they’re too dirty?  In light of recent news stating that China will no longer accept most of our recyclable materials, we have to make sure that recycling loads contain less than 0.5% trash or else the whole load will be sent to the landfill!  It’s time for us to help out and do our part.


Use this app to help you identify what items are recyclable and able to be disposed in your blue bin!  By improving recycling purity, we reduce the risk that an entire truckload of items will be too dirty to be used and will be trashed.

Computer vision technology along with a custom neural network which is trained on hundreds of examples of plastic, as well as other materials such as aluminum and steel cans, aluminum foil, cardboard, paper, glass, and more helps to make this happen.

Download the app now in the App Store or visit their website:

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