First Look: Sonos Move

This morning, I got a very quick look at the new Sonos Move which will be available for sale later this month. If you’re in the Toronto area, you can take look at the Sonos Move as well. Click here for details.

The Sonos Move is the first of its kind from the brand. It takes all of Sonos’ trademark features like fantastic audio quality and ease-of-use, and packing them into a ruggedly handsome enclosure built to withstand almost anything you can throw at it.

What is cool about the look that I got today was that they showed you how it was tested:

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You can interact with most of these displays, and it gives you the confidence that it will survive anything that you could throw at it. It is dust and water resistant as well as drop resistant.

Now over to the speaker itself:

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It comes in two pieces. The speaker itself which weighs about 6 pounds, and the charging base which is designed to be idiot resistant. As in I can’t see how anyone would mis-align it so that it wouldn’t charge. Speaking of charging it, the Move will serve up 10 hours of battery life. In terms of functionality, It works over WiFi and Bluetooth. Thus the use case would be that you could use it at home like any Sonos speaker via WiFi. But you could take it outdoors and use it over bluetooth with your phone.

But I am sure that you want to hear about the sound that the Move is capable of. Well, I was outdoors and it sounded crisp, clear, and having a healthy amount of bass. I was impressed by it. But I really want to give this a really good test indoors and outdoors. And thanks to Sonos I’ll get the chance to do so shortly. Please keep an eye out for that review.

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