F12.net Announces First Chief Technology Officer

F12.net Inc. (“F12”) is delighted to announce the appointment of Calvin Engen as CTO.

After an introduction to F12 during a student placement, Calvin Engen made it his mission to join the F12 technical services team. In 2006 that day came. He quickly distinguished himself through his impeccable work ethic, relentless drive, and passion for technology. In short order, Calvin earned the confidence of F12’s clients and F12’s leaders.

Calvin demanded evidence-based decisions, calmly challenging his peers, suppliers, and F12 itself with his meticulously researched positions. He was a prescient force behind the launch of F12’s Cloud services.  Consequently, few were surprised when he was promoted to Director of IT in 2012. In that role, Calvin matured F12’s security posture, technology offerings, service delivery, and the F12 Connect platform.

A regular speaker at business leadership forums about data privacy, cybersecurity, and cloud services, Calvin is the only Canadian member of the WatchGuard Advisory Council.

As F12’s CTO, Calvin will ensure F12 continues to reduce risk and complexity for Canadian businesses by crafting technology services that free leaders to focus on what they do best. His responsibilities include platform innovation, solution engineering, and the information security of every employee and client of F12.

About F12.net

F12.net is an award-winning provider of comprehensive IT programs designed to reduce risk and complexity, freeing business leaders to focus and thrive. F12’s suite of IT solutions improves productivity, reduces risk, and rationalizes IT investments.

More information about F12’s solutions can be found on the company website: https://f12.net

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