Should I Update To Windows 10 Version 1909?

Windows 10 feature updates tend to be a bit of a risk to update. The last few feature updates have been gong shows with serious issues that impact users. So it would be understandable if you’re gunshy about upgrading to Windows 10 version 1909. You can read what comes to the table in this feature update here. But I’ll cut right to the chase. Unlike most feature updates which overhaul the operating system, the majority of version 1909’s changes are to how the OS lets users manage their system and app notifications. In other words, these are cosmetic fixes. That means it should be low risk to upgrade.

In my case, I upgraded all my Windows 10 computers to version 1909 quickly and without an issue. And when I say quickly, I mean it updated in under 10 minutes which is unusual for a feature update. That’s a stark change from the last few feature updates which would “brick” at least one of my computers. The other thing that I note is that for the first time in about two years, a Windows 10 feature update hasn’t caused my phone to ring off the hook from clients who had an install of a feature update go south.

That all suggests to me that this feature update is safe to update to. The only thing that I would recommend is what I always recommend. Which is to back up your data before trying to install it. Even though this is a low risk feature update, there’s still risk involved. Which means that it is better to be safe rather than sorry.

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