One Week To Go in IronCAP’s Hackathon

01 Communique Laboratory Inc.’s $100,000 world-wide challenge to hackers has 1 week remaining! Over 250 hackers are testing IronCAP’s quantum-safe encryption in hope of being the first quantum hacker. As of December 5th, no hacker has cracked the code.

The hackathon once completed will prove to the world that the IronCAP encryption is not only innovative and disruptive, but most important impenetrable! Contestants can still sign up online at before the contest closes on December 12, 2019.

Quantum computers are here and becoming more available every day. Amazon recently announced a new quantum computing service for select customers. All businesses and governments need protection from the quantum threat. IronCAP is the first to market encryption developed specifically to protect from the massive threat posed by hackers using Quantum computing power.

It has taken 01 Communique many years to develop the IronCAP encryption technology which the company has filed for a patent. It is the most secure, commercially available Goppa code-based encryption available today. For more information and advice, visit or contact the Company at

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