Siemplify Announces New Linux-based Platform

Siemplify today released a new version of its flagship security operations platform. Boasting a high-performance Linux-based architecture, the new version delivers improved investigation, automation and response capabilities that set new standards for enterprise readiness and ease of playbook lifecycle management.

The new Siemplify Security Operations Platform has been redesigned with scalability, robustness and the cloud in mind. For example, one global managed security service provider (MSSP) currently processes 50,000 correlated alerts each day from 15 different SIEMs across more than 50 customer sites, while a Fortune 100 energy conglomerate enriches more than 100,000 alerts each week.

The new version also extends Siemplify’s market-leading ability to seamlessly manage SOAR (security orchestration, automation and response) across multiple customer environments – addressing the unique needs of MSSPs, as well as enterprises with multiple discrete business units. The new Siemplify lightweight remote agent securely collects alerts, enriches them and performs ad-hoc actions and remediations across the remote environment, complete with full redundancy and simple, yet powerful central management.

The new version also introduces a modular approach to incident response playbook design that eliminates redundant actions, dramatically simplifying playbook lifecycle management. By introducing a new “block” concept to playbooks, users can create one block of actions for use cases, such as enrichment or response, and reuse those blocks in any playbook that requires this information. Any changes made to the individual blocks automatically cascade through all the playbooks that contain them. This approach to playbook design, combined with the advanced expression builder released earlier this year, delivers unparalleled ease of playbook creation and maintenance.

For more information on the latest release, visit the Siemplify blog at:

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