Here’s What To Expect From Today’s Rollout Of Tech To Block Nuisance Calls

Today is the day that Canadian telcos at the request of the CRTC are to start blocking scam/nuisance calls. Or at least try to do so as I am dubious that this will really solve the issue. But pushing my own skepticism aside, here’s a quick primer as to what to expect from this effort.

What telcos like Bell and Rogers are going to do starting today is automatically block calls based on the caller ID information using the following criteria.

  • Numbers with more than 15 digits.
  • Numbers that can’t be dialed (such as a string of letters or 000-000-0000).

The net result is that calls from those types of numbers will no longer make your phone ring. Telus is doing something entirely different though.

As an alternative, telcos can offer subscribers “filtering services” that provide more advanced call-management features, which is what Telus is doing for its wireless customers. I was looking for details on that from Telus and couldn’t find anything online. Thus I  reached out to them for more information and this is what I got back via their Twitter support team:

Now here’s why any of these measures  isn’t going to make much of a difference from where I sit. This is only going to stop the low skilled scammers who for whatever reason can’t spoof numbers. Meaning that they don’t forge their Caller ID information to make it look like the call is coming from a real number such as a government agency or the police in order to make you more likely to answer the call. And the majority of nuisance calls that most of us get are spoofed. Thus all that these efforts are likely to do is to thin the herd of scumbags just a tiny bit. Now spoofed numbers are to be addressed by the end of September of 2020 by the rollout of additional tech to stop spoofing. But as I’ve written about previously, I am still dubious that even those efforts will make nuisance calls go away. But one could argue that any effort to cut down on the number of nuisance calls is better than making zero effort whatsoever.

I’d love to know if you notice a difference in terms of the number of nuisance calls that you get. Please leave a comment with your observations or reach out to me on Twitter with what you see.



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