You Can Get Microsoft’s Chrome Based Browser Today

About a year ago, Microsoft announced plans to move their Edge browser to Chromium  which is the open source version of Chrome. As in Google’s Chrome. While that announcement raised eyeballs pretty much everywhere, it does make sense. By using Chromium, Microsoft can simply not worry about compatibility issues and bring features to multiple platforms at the same time.

Today Microsoft announced that you can get Microsoft Edge in its new Chromium form on the following platforms:

  • Windows 10, 8.1, 8, and Windows 7. Support for Windows 7 seems a bit weird to me as support for that OS ended yesterday.
  • macOS
  • iOS
  • Android

Fun trivia fact: For Mac users, this is the first time Microsoft has put out a browser for the Mac since 2003.

You can download the new Edge browser here. My question for you is will you use the new Microsoft Chrome Edge? Leave a comment and share your thoughts please.

One Response to “You Can Get Microsoft’s Chrome Based Browser Today”

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