UK To Allow Huawei Gear On Their 5G Networks…. Is Canada Next?

Today it was announced that the UK would allow gear from Chinese telco gear maker Huawei onto their 5G network. From the CBC:

Britain will allow Chinese telecom giant Huawei a limited role in building its 5G networks, the government said on Tuesday.

It said high-risk vendors would be excluded from the sensitive core of networks, and there would be a 35 per cent cap on their involvement in the non-sensitive parts.

The U.K. faced opposing pressures from the United States and China on the eve of Brexit.

The United States had wanted U.K. Prime Minister Boris Johnson to ban Huawei completely, arguing that Beijing could use the company’s equipment to steal Western secrets. Huawei has denied any involvement in espionage. 

Beijing had warned that blocking the company would hurt Chinese investment.

You can bet that US president Donald Trump will ratchet up the Twitter machine to complain about this. For fun I checked his Twitter feed and saw nothing related to this. That may be due to the fact that he has impeachment other issues at the moment. But you know the Tweetstorm is coming.

That begs the question. What about Canada? A decision on Huawei participating in Canada’s 5G network has been pending for a while now. Now that the UK has jumped aboard the Huawei train, does that mean that Canada will be next? Or will they toe the line that the US wants them to toe? It will be interesting to see which way they go.

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