Review: 2020 Mazda CX-30 GT – Part 3

The interior of the Mazda CX-30 GT is simply a class above. Let me walk you through it so that you can see why.


The driver’s seat is power adjustable, heated, and has a soft leather on it. It’s comfortable for the most part though like a lot of cars, I found that I could use a bit more support for my thighs.


There’s a mix of soft touch materials and leather on the doors along with a piano black trim that is a serious fingerprint magnet. I’ll note that you can put a water bottle in the door without any issue.


Here you can see the switches for the various electronic overseers as well as the area for your feet to live while driving.


The steering wheel is leather wrapped and heated. It also includes all the buttons to control the infotainment system.


The gauge cluster is made up of two real gauges on the left and right, and a TFT screen in the middle that is customizable. It is prone to glare is certain lighting conditions, but is otherwise easily readable.


There is an 8.8″ screen that is insanely sharp on the top of the dash. You should note that this is not a touchscreen. All functions are controlled by the HMI commander switch on the center console.


Here’s a picture of the HMI Commander Switch at the bottom. Along with the shifter which is leather wrapped, and sport mode switch. All of it is surrounded by a piano black finish.


There’s a small cubby in front of the shifter along with a USB port and a flip up door that hides two cupholders. Not pictured is are the HVAC controls which are easy to use as the fall to your hand nicely.


While I was able to get my Venti Starbucks coffee into it, I had to maneuver it into the cupholder.


The arm rest can be moved fore and aft to either allow you to have quick access to something inside of it, or to better position it for your arm.


The storage area inside the arm rest has a USB port, an aux audio port, and a 12V outlet. Plus it can be divided to separate your stuff.


There’s a decent sized glovebox along for the ride.


There’s also a decent sized moonroof as well.


The back seats will seat two adults with no problem as long as the front passengers adjust their seats. Three is asking a bit too much as the center hump that presumably has the driveshaft to the rear wheels gets in the way.


If you don’t need to seat three people, you get this arm rest / cup holder for use by the rear passengers.


To keep the rear passengers comfortable, there’s an HVAC vent for them.


The cargo area has a surprising amount of room. And one thing that I liked about it was the fact that it is deep which means that you can hold more back there. One thing that my wife liked was that there is a power lift gate on the CX-30.  That’s kind of a rarity in the sub compact crossover space and is worth noting.

One note that I do have about the CX-30 is about the ease of entry and exit. One of the people that I drove home from the weekly bar night as I was the designated driver had just had a knee operation. Thus his mobility was temporarily limited. He noted that having used Ubers for the last week or so to get around, the CX-30 was a “10 out of 10” in terms of ease of entry and exit. That’s very positive praise and should be noted by anyone where ease of entry and exit is a high priority.

No squeaks or rattles were noted by yours truly during my week with the CX-30. Visibility was great all around, and noise vibration and harshness were non-issues. Overall, this interior is a winner.

Tomorrow, I’ll talk about the tech in the CX-30 as there’s a lot of tech on board. Stay tuned for that.



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